Streetopia Animation

I animated this project in Adobe After Effects, edited in Adobe Premiere and drew it in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Other credits: Paul White and Eben Weiss helped with the script and Karen Murphy did the voice over.
What is Streetopia?
Join us to build a city freed from car domination. By harnessing the power of communities, we can turn streets into inviting places for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users. Join the movement and make your street a Streetopia.
Imagine streets where people are prioritized over cars. Where pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users can move about safely and efficiently. Where neighbors can meet. Where communities can flourish.
New York has made great strides in protecting pedestrians, building safe bike lanes, adding dedicated bus lanes, and improving life for the car-free majority. But there’s more work to be done. In too many places cars still rule, and streets only work for a small segment of the population. With your help, this can change.
Imagine harnessing the energy and imagination of New Yorkers to transform the over 6,000 miles of city streets into vibrant public spaces.

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